Knoll House Hotel

One of our New Years resolutions for 2019 was to explore more of the dog friendly places that the UK has to offer and to take Jasper on some weekend breaks with us.

A couple of weekends ago we were lucky enough to go and stay at Knoll House Hotel in Studland, Dorset!



About Knoll House Hotel


Knoll House Hotel was the inspiration behind author Enid Blyton’s Famous Five novels – one of my childhood favourites! It’s even possible to stay in her favourite room (number 40) and also to dine at her favourite table – we were lucky enough to do this, a very surreal feeling knowing we were sat in the very spot she once would have sat!


It has also welcomed other wellknown faces including Sir Winston Churchill, Roald Dahl and Sir Richard Branson.



Knoll House Hotel has many facilities on offer, including an indoor pool with steam room, gym, heated outdoor pool, children’s playground, tennis courts and a nine-hole pitch and putt golf course. Most definitely something for all the family! 


The hotel is dog friendly, with dogs needing to be on leads in the grounds and throughout hotel. Recently they have expanded and now have a dog friendly bistro area, where you can dine with your pooch!!


We didn’t brave this with Jasper this time, as many of you know he’s not the most patient of pups and his training around settling whilst we eat and drink is still very much a work in progress. However, it was so lovely seeing all the happy pooches snuggled up under the table whilst their owners enjoy their delicious food!

One of the things I loved about the hotel is that on one side of the hotel there are some gorgeous woodlands, and on the other… miles of sandy beaches! The best of both worlds!! Especially for dog owners and their pooches.


Our Stay


Our room itself was so unbelievably spacious and has two separate outside balcony areas! There was a very relaxed feel to the whole hotel, which meant that we were able to fully relax and unwind while we were there. Jasper also made himself quite at home there, which also meant that we didn’t worry about him at all. 

Waking up in the morning and pulling back the curtain was such a lovely way to start the day. The unspoilt sea views from the balcony were beautiful, even on a rainy day. On a sunny day you could quite easily forget you’re not abroad!



Without a doubt, one of the best things about staying at Knoll House Hotel is how unbelievably close to the beach it is. Jasper’s favourite place is the beach and so only being a 10 minute walk away meant we were able to get up early and head to the beach and catch the sunrise!



With four miles of sandy loveliness to explore, Studland Beach has sand dunes that are perfect for exploring, and a cafe in case you get peckish. Another of the nice things about the beaches around the hotel is that they each provide litter pickers should you want to pick up any litter as you walk along the beach – super ecofriendly and good fun too!



As well as the beach to explore there are also many dog friendly places to visit to keep you busy.


Old Harry Rocks 


Along the beach, and a little walk following the coast path brings you to Old Harry Rocks. The views from the cliffs up here were absolutely stunning! Although if you’re scared of heights I wouldn’t go too close to the edge!



Corfe Castle 


Corfe Castle is free to National Trust members or £10 for an adult. It’s also super dog friendly and so are the tea rooms. The ruins of this castle are simply intriguing, holding a lot of history and the views you get from the top are simply breathtaking! A definite must do!


The little town that surrounds Corfe Castle is also super fun to explore, plenty of little shops and pubs!





A 15-20 minute drive from the hotel is the little town of Swanage, which we visited a couple of times during our stay. Swanage has its own little beach – more beach time for Jasp! – some arcades and lots of shops and tea rooms to explore. 



We squeezed so much into our weekend that it was lovely coming back to Knoll House Hotel, and collapsing in a heap on the super comfy beds and just enjoyed the fact that there was no noise or business. Just literally the sound of nature and outdoors.

We were made to feel so welcome at the hotel even when returning with a soggy, sandy spaniel. Jasper got plenty of fuss and snuggles and so he was in his element. He was one tired pooch when we got home!



Knoll House Hotel truly is a hidden gem, and perfect for families with (or without) their fur babies looking for a coastal retreat, then we would 110% recommend a stay here. 


*We received a complimentary few days at Knoll House Hotel in exchange for an article – all opinions are our own and not influenced.


Virbac UK

When it comes to neutering your dog, there are so so many articles talking about the best time to do so, why it’s so important, and also many advising reasons as to why you shouldn’t do it. It’s hard to know what to do for the best.

For some it’s important to stop the anti social behaviours which are associated with entire males. Some feel that they don’t want to breed and therefore there is no real need for them to remain intact. Some simply don’t want to put their dog through it. Whatever the decision, it’s never one which is made lightly, due to the fact it’s just such a permanent thing.

As a dog owner myself I was completely unaware that there is a reversible alternative to castration that is able to offer the same benefits, without the permanence. Virbac are a company who are dedicated to animal health and have a slow release hormone implant licensed for use in entire dogs as a way of providing temporary castration.

This method allows for the health benefits of a castration without having to put your pup through a surgical procedure. This really does tick all the boxes!

Check the link to find out more information about non-surgical, reversible, alternative to castration #VirbacUK.. we wish we’d known!

DogRobes – a Spaniel essential!

If you own a Spaniel, or in fact any other breed of adventure loving dog, then you’ll know that having a soggy dog is pretty much a standard when it comes to walkies. Whilst having a soggy dog is all part of the fun when you’re out and about; having one in the house shaking dirt and water everywhere is less than fun (especially when your walls are white 🙃)

We went along to Crufts with Jasp in March this year (only as an Instadog, he’s not quite the show type 🤦🏼‍♀️😂). Whilst we were there we were lucky enough to come across the DogRobes stand! Margaret was super lovely, and made us feel so so welcome, Jasper even got a dog biscuit or two so he was sold!

We spent ages on the stand talking about everything dog – my favourite topic! Anyway, having a soggy spaniel solution on our list of things to get, we came away with a navy blue DogRobe and snood.

Well, what can I say?! We’re completely in love! Everything about it is so well thought out. The rope around means that it’s super easy to get on and off (an especially important feature when is comes to soggy spaniels) but also it dries Jasper so so well! Within half an hour or so, he’s normally completely dry, which is absolutely perfect as when we go out and about in the car we can pop it on on the way home and by the time we’re back Jasp is lovely and dry!

One of our favourite things about DogRobes is the snood. Admittedly it does make Jasp look like an extra for E.T but it works wonders on his soggy spaniel ears! They’re always the last thing to dry, as I’m sure most spaniel owners will appreciate so having a snood we can leave on means they dry much quicker! And keep him cosy warm when it’s cold outside!

Both the robe and the snood mean that if Jasp needs a good old wet dog shake after either bath time or swimming fun, all the sogginess is contained so saves both me getting soaked and my walls and carpet!

DogRobes also sell handy drawstring bags which are simply perfect for carrying around and about on any adventure that requires a soggy doggy solution!

All in all DogRobes passed every aspect of the soggy spaniel testing that Jasp has put his through in the last few months. They’re such good value for money and would highly recommend them to every dog owner who’s ever dreamed of a dry, dreamy dog!

Oh and one of the best things about DogRobes is that for any purchases online or at shows, a donation is given to the local dog rescue! (I mean as if we hadn’t already given you enough reasons to go and get yourself one!)

So if you’re heading to DogFest, be sure to drop but the DogRobes stand or if not follow this link and happy shopping! I’ll leave you with this ever so humorous picture of Jasp 😌

Sadie & Jasp x

Cotswold Pooch

If you follow us on Instagram you will already know that Jasper models for a company called Cotswold Pooch. We have loved Cotswold Pooch from Day 1 and I was over the moon when Jasper was picked to model for them.

We had followed the mascot, and part of the inspiration behind Cotswold Pooch, Super Cooper, for a while and when he announced that his human had set-up her own business we simply had to check out. We love to support small business, especially when they are owned by some of Jasper’s insta furfriends!

Needless to say, we fell in love and became proud owners of the Baby Dragon and Red Check Bandanas! (Check them out below!)

From our very first order, Fi was super helpful and friendly. Nothing was too much trouble. Jasper is between sizes Medium and Large so it’s always difficult to call but Fi was super helpful in ensuring we got the right size for Jasp, even offering to make us a slightly bigger version! So a couple of months later when Cotswold Pooch announced a model search, I knew I had to enter Jasper so that we could work with them to show off their gorgeous products! We were lucky enough to be picked and Jasper is now the proud owner of a whole Cotswold Pooch wardrobe which he loves to strut his stuff out and about in!

What we love most about Cotswold Pooch is the unique patterns that Fi finds, ones we haven’t seen anywhere else! Also, most importantly the bandanas and bow ties are of fantastic quality! Soft enough that Jasper loves to wear them, but tough enough to withstand typical Spaniel antics such as mud, water and hurtling 100mph through prickly bushes.

So now you know how fabulous the Cotswold Pooch accessories are, I’m sure you’d love to know a bit more about the face behind the brand. Here are four facts that not many people (or pups know) about Fi, the creator of Cotswold Pooch:

    • Fi’s full name is Fi Lines, which is ironic as she is much more of a dog person (but still does love cats too)
    • Fi is 29 and lives in the Cotswold and her absolute favourite thing to do is go for long walks in the countryside with her pup “Super Cooper of the Cotswolds”


  • Fi has a full time job working as a Visual Merchandiser as she loves nothing more than to be creative, but she has always dreamed of running her own business.
  • One day, Fi realised how she could go about starting up her own business by combining her love of dogs, photography, creative flair and love of sewing from when she was younger (at an early age she was able to make miniature teddy bears – how cool is that!) … and that was the beginning of Cotswold Pooch!

So, now you know all of the Cotwold Pooch secrets be sure to head over and check them out on Etsy, Instagram and Facebook! You can use JASPER10 for 10% any purchases.. just in time for Christmas! Happy Shopping!

Sadie & Jasper xxx

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