Jasper’s Story

Jasper is a chocolate Springer Spaniel x Cocker Spaniel, living in Plymouth, Devon. My partner and I have had Jasper since May 2016. Jasper was 3 and a half months old when he came to live with us, coming from family who just hadn’t anticipated the energy or work a dog would need (especially a Sprocker).

I’ve always grown up with dogs and so when I moved out I had a real empty space for a furry friend, so when our landlord agreed we could have one I was over the moon! With my mum having two smaller dogs, I knew I wanted a bigger dog to take on super long walk, who would love the mud and to play ball and to be a proper adventure pup! That’s definitely what we got with Jasper.

Jasper has such a personality about him, I know it’s cliche to say and every owner says it about their own dog, but there really is something special about him. He’s such a friendly, happy-go-lucky pup nothing phases him. He’s happy to give anything a try and never hesitates, especially if he knows it’s something we want him to do. This comes in very handy when teaching him new tricks!

Jasper’s current “Trickionary” stands at: sit, stay, down, roll over, check over (teaching him to lie on his back so we can make sure he doesn’t have any ticks and cuts etc), spin, find it, paw and his very newest trick wave. We’ve also been teaching him how to pose, he’ll put his paws up on literally anything and strike a pose if he knows there’s a treat in it for him!

So that’s pretty much everything, and more that you needed to know about my handsome pup! I hope you enjoy reading about all our tips, tricks and adventures!

Love Sadie & Jasp x x

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