Virbac UK

When it comes to neutering your dog, there are so so many articles talking about the best time to do so, why it’s so important, and also many advising reasons as to why you shouldn’t do it. It’s hard to know what to do for the best.

For some it’s important to stop the anti social behaviours which are associated with entire males. Some feel that they don’t want to breed and therefore there is no real need for them to remain intact. Some simply don’t want to put their dog through it. Whatever the decision, it’s never one which is made lightly, due to the fact it’s just such a permanent thing.

As a dog owner myself I was completely unaware that there is a reversible alternative to castration that is able to offer the same benefits, without the permanence. Virbac are a company who are dedicated to animal health and have a slow release hormone implant licensed for use in entire dogs as a way of providing temporary castration.

This method allows for the health benefits of a castration without having to put your pup through a surgical procedure. This really does tick all the boxes!

Check the link to find out more information about non-surgical, reversible, alternative to castration #VirbacUK.. we wish we’d known!

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