DogRobes – a Spaniel essential!

If you own a Spaniel, or in fact any other breed of adventure loving dog, then you’ll know that having a soggy dog is pretty much a standard when it comes to walkies. Whilst having a soggy dog is all part of the fun when you’re out and about; having one in the house shaking dirt and water everywhere is less than fun (especially when your walls are white 🙃)

We went along to Crufts with Jasp in March this year (only as an Instadog, he’s not quite the show type 🤦🏼‍♀️😂). Whilst we were there we were lucky enough to come across the DogRobes stand! Margaret was super lovely, and made us feel so so welcome, Jasper even got a dog biscuit or two so he was sold!

We spent ages on the stand talking about everything dog – my favourite topic! Anyway, having a soggy spaniel solution on our list of things to get, we came away with a navy blue DogRobe and snood.

Well, what can I say?! We’re completely in love! Everything about it is so well thought out. The rope around means that it’s super easy to get on and off (an especially important feature when is comes to soggy spaniels) but also it dries Jasper so so well! Within half an hour or so, he’s normally completely dry, which is absolutely perfect as when we go out and about in the car we can pop it on on the way home and by the time we’re back Jasp is lovely and dry!

One of our favourite things about DogRobes is the snood. Admittedly it does make Jasp look like an extra for E.T but it works wonders on his soggy spaniel ears! They’re always the last thing to dry, as I’m sure most spaniel owners will appreciate so having a snood we can leave on means they dry much quicker! And keep him cosy warm when it’s cold outside!

Both the robe and the snood mean that if Jasp needs a good old wet dog shake after either bath time or swimming fun, all the sogginess is contained so saves both me getting soaked and my walls and carpet!

DogRobes also sell handy drawstring bags which are simply perfect for carrying around and about on any adventure that requires a soggy doggy solution!

All in all DogRobes passed every aspect of the soggy spaniel testing that Jasp has put his through in the last few months. They’re such good value for money and would highly recommend them to every dog owner who’s ever dreamed of a dry, dreamy dog!

Oh and one of the best things about DogRobes is that for any purchases online or at shows, a donation is given to the local dog rescue! (I mean as if we hadn’t already given you enough reasons to go and get yourself one!)

So if you’re heading to DogFest, be sure to drop but the DogRobes stand or if not follow this link and happy shopping! I’ll leave you with this ever so humorous picture of Jasp 😌

Sadie & Jasp x

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